Catching Eddies

If you have ever travelled on water, you know that eddies are areas of reverse current that occur where the water flows past an obstacle, like a rock or a bit of shoreline, that sticks out into the main current. More importantly, they are places where boaters can pull over and scout a rapid, wait for other boaters, or just enjoy the scenery.

This blog is a place to explore how we can all “catch the eddies” of life through simple living and simple adventure. You’ll find posts on tiny living, outdoor adventure with kids,micro-homesteading, and literature. I hope you’ll stick around, read, and share your ideas with us!











1 The branch of knowledge concerned with how to live well in a school bus.

2 The name of my first blog

Journey with me on  as I document our bus life with a new baby and share tips for tiny space living. Also, I have several years worth of bus living tips and tricks in the archives!


My Story

I graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Outdoor Recreation. I have worked as a whitewater rafting guide, ski instructor, and youth adventure guide. My husband, Steve, and I bought a converted school bus in 2009. We moved in with our west highland terrier, Ike. We lived in the bus for two years at which point, I took a job at a retreat center that offered us a small house as part of my compensation. However, we kept the bus and in September 2013 we moved back in, this time with a newly acquired cat, Mish, and plans to start a family. Now, we have a beautiful baby girl. This year we plan to move a 1970’s a-frame onto our own land, but for now we live with our baby in our bus.



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