Our Post-Bus Life

Since we moved out of the bus, life has been busy. Steve has been working on the house since we moved it to our lot a year and a half ago. From painting to adding decks to remodeling the bathroom and adding an entry way/mud room, his additions have made the a-frame so much nicer!

I have “had my hands full”, as strangers at Costco so sagely point out, with our now 2 1/2 year old daughter and 1 year old son. Still, last summer I managed to build a good sized garden on top of the moon scape left by our septic system installation. Over the winter we have played on the snow nearly every day! Sleds, snow angels, snow kitchens, and snow forts have defined the last four months and we have had lots of fun. But winter has hung on with icy determination and we are longing for some warmth and sunshine now.

The bus has spent the year as extra staff housing at the Grunewald Guild, where I used to work. We plan to bring it onto our lot at the end of August and use it as a guest room.

This year has many more projects in store for us as we establish our mini homestead.

1. Baby Bunnies

Our satin angora rabbit, Fiona, just gave birth! I will be posting here each week as the babies grow. They will be for sale to good homes. These rabbits are perfect for a spinner or fiber artist of another sort who wants to learn to spin. They also make good pets in the sense that they tend to be friendly and docile. However, they’re coats require significant care.

Day old angora rabbits

2. The Barn

We started work on the barn in the fall. It sheltered the chickens over the winter. In a month it will be home to the rabbits and…

3. The Goats!

Update: It will be sometime before goats are living in the barn. But we will get there!

4. The Garden

I am excited to plant in the beds I established last year using compost as well as raw materials like grass clippings, straw, sawdust, and manure. All the beds are mulched with wood chips to keep down the weeds. I plan to build up several new beds. The rabbits have given me lots of new material to work with!

5. Ducks

We’ll see if we make this change this year. Our chickens have never seemed happy in the winter, so we would like to switch to poultry that is better adapted to our climate.

Winter has held on to the homestead for months!


We will be learning so much and I intend to share our journey here. Our lot is just one third of an acre and our house is 750 square feet (with slanted walls that make the space less usable, but, hey, we don’t have to worry about a snow load!). If you are in a tiny house and imagining a sustainable, affordable  next step or if you are considering downsizing follow along to see what life on the Catching Eddies mini homestead looks like.

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