Meet the Bunnies

Last year we brought home three satin angora rabbits, a buck and two does. As a knitter, the idea of producing, harvesting, and spinning my own fiber and then knitting my own home spun yarn into a warm hat or pair of mittens caught my imagination.

I will be writing more about the joys of keeping angora rabbits soon. To begin I would like to introduce you to my three rabbits.


Fawn angora rabbit

Cirrus is our fawn colored buck. He loves snow, the girl bunnies, and kettle corn. His wool is soft and cottony and spins into a lovely peach. He lives inside right now and has only a litter box, no cage. He is the friendliest of the three rabbits and often hops up to us looking for a cheek rub.


Fiona is a dark chocolate doe. She has lived in a cage on the porch with our other doe and is the dominant rabbit in that relationship. She is generally sweet, if a little shy, but she has gotten feisty since being bred. She has lovely crimp and sheen to her wool and it spins into a silky silver yarn.

MarisolChocolate tort angora rabbit

Marisol is a chocolate tort doe, meaning that her head and paws are light brown, but her wool is nearly white. She is the smallest of the three rabbits and is generally docile and submissive. Her wool has exceptional sheen and spins into pearly white yarn.

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