Gardening with a Toddler

imageGardening with a toddler will test your patience and open your eyes to the wonder of growing food that can be plucked right from the ground.    Our little girl loves cherry tomatoes, whatever color they happen to be. I love her enthusiasm, but it sure was hard to watch the first ripening tomatoes disappear!

Here are four ways to make gardening fun for you and your little one.

  1. We made the garden manageable. For one person that might mean a few pots on the deck. I am using the Back to Eden method which involves using wood chip mulch to suppress weeds and build soil.
  2. Teach them by letting them participate ! Give age appropriate tasks like watering or pulling weeds. Or let a little one scatter seeds so you can discover fun surprises! And of course they will love eating a fresh strawberry or sugar snap pea.
  3. Relax. Damage will be done by curious little hands, but in time they will learn respect for what is growing.
  4. Set aside an area for free digging. When the digging big hits, it hits hard. Give your toddler a place to dig where they can’t hurt anything.

She clapped when I uncovered bright pink potatoes in the dirt!


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