Canoeing with a Baby: The Oar Rig

Canoe on Lake Wenatchee
Our canoe, now outfitted with oars.

After our canoe camping trip on Banks Lake, we realized that it’s unrealistic to think that, as long as we have babies and toddlers, Steve and I will both be able paddle. Since J-stroking alone in a full canoe is hard work, Steve built a simple oar rig and attached it to our canoe. With the oar rig, he can row alone while I try keep our little one happy. (She’s still not thrilled about her personal flotation device).

We tried the oar rig out on Lake Wenatchee and it worked wonderfully. We didn’t row far (again, that pesky personal flotation device on a baby who needed a nap) but it was far enough to escape the main public beach at , which is always crowded on Saturdays. Some day we hope to have a big ol’ freighter canoe with lots of room for kids and gear, but for now we’ve got our solution!

Although we don’t have plans for any more overnight canoeing trips this year, we do plan to get out on Lake Wenatchee, especially to enjoy the fall colors. We’ll see how our daughter reacts to her PFD in once she’s a couple of months older.


IMG_0585 IMG_0589

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