Six Tips for Staying Cool in a Converted School Bus During Hot Weather

Six Tips for Staying Cool in a Converted School Bus During Hot Weather

One might think that living in a school bus would be unbearable when the mercury climbs into the triple digits. However, with a 10 month old baby to care for, we have to keep the bus at a reasonable temperature. Here are a few ways to stay cool when you live in a bus.

1. Shade

Trees shade part of the bus from the morning sun, but this year we also set up an awning to keep the afternoon sun off the windows. We did not do this last year and it has made a huge difference in our indoor temperature.

2. Insulation

The ceiling and walls of our bus are insulated. We also put up insulated panels in the windows.

3. Air Conditioning

As it turns out, a bus window is the perfect size for a small window unit air conditioner.  Since we have a small space to cool, it is very effective.

4. Outside Cooking

Last year, I would frequently cook dinner in the bus and by the time the food was ready, I was sweltering. This year, we’ve pretty much abandoned indoor cooking. I either make salads that don’t require cooking or we fire up the grill. We’ve even started going to the local state park for picnics. We’ve got the perfect reason to turn every night into a cookout!

5. Picking a Cooler Location

It’s generally 7-10 degrees cooler in our mountain valley than it is just 30 miles downhill and to the east. Those 30 miles make a huge difference in our comfort.

6. Water, water, water!

We’ve sprayed ourselves down and sprayed the bus down. We go swimming in the river or lake almost everyday. And of course, we stay hydrated.

With these tips, we’ve kept the inside of the bus in the 70’s and our core temperatures healthy.

Have you lived in a converted bus or RV during the summer? How do you stay cool?

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