Living in a Converted School Bus with a Toddler: Months 10 and 11

 Living in a Converted School bus with a Toddler Months 10 and 11

The summer is slipping past like spaghetti through our daughter’s fingers. When I sat down to write this post, I realized that I would have to change the title of these updates, since our little girl is walking now!

Her First Steps

Our daughter never was much for normal crawling, preferring to “bear crawl” on all fours. Her determination to get to an upright position paid off. She learned to walk over Fourth of July weekend while chasing after her Auntie Becca’s blueberries. Since then, she’s taken off and can now tackle 20-30 steps in a row. She loves to toddle across the yard and check on the chickens.


Working in the garden is more challenging with a little koala on my back or chest, but I’ve managed to have a productive season. The strawberries and raspberries are the little koala’s favorites. She learned to pick strawberries on her own and to point to the raspberries whenever we head out for a gardening session. She noticed the first of the ripe cherry tomatoes and is now enjoying them as well.



Outdoor Exploration

Although we haven’t done any overnight trips since our canoeing trip on Banks Lake, we get out on mini adventures all the time. I continue to be blown away by our daughter’s fascination with the natural world. Whether she’s noticing an Osprey in flight or a rising moon, whether she’s digging in a sandy river bank or picking clover blossoms, she is enthralled with her world. She has gone “swimming” in Lake Wenatchee, the Wenatchee River, the Little Wenatchee River,  Puget Sound, and our community pool. She’ll toddle or bear crawl straight from the beach into the water, so I have to watch her closely.

IMG_0680 DSCN4081



A-frame Update

Ah yes. This has been interesting. The good news: the excavation was finished yesterday and the plan is to move the a-frame by September. The (kind-of) bad news: we’ve had some hiccups with financing and timing, so we’ve decided not to build the daylight basement we had planned. We will be placing the a-frame on a stem wall foundation, which will allow room for a deep crawl space (i.e. root cellar!). It’s not such a bad thing though. Steve has some great plans for maximizing efficient use of space in the a-frame and compared to the bus it will be a mansion.  I am making plans for our garden and I can’t wait to try out a combination of the Back to Eden method and hugelkultur!

DSCN4154 DSCN4159 DSCN4177

Life in the Bus

After writing everything up to this point, I realized that I had hardly mentioned the bus. We have been staying relatively cool through record breaking temperatures, as a shared in this post. I am so happy to have the bus to live in as we try to figure out our building project. Our daughter can act like a little tornado and turn the main living space into a crazy mess in a few minutes, but fortunately I don’t get as stressed out by a bit of day to day mess.



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