Joy in the Storm

It seemed as though her senses had been heightened in some extraordinary way, enabling her to enjoy every little detail of her life; so that although her companions actually were Sorrow and Suffering, she often felt an almost inexplicable  joy and pleasure at the same time. This would happen when she looked at the bright , crackling flames in the log fire, or listened to the sound of lashing rain overhead emphasizing the safety and peace within the hut, or when she saw through the window the tossing trees waving their arms against a backgrought of scurry clouds or lightning-rent sky. Or again very early before daybreak, when she saw the morning star shining serenely through a rift in the clouds or heard the clear, jubilant note of a bird during a lull in the storm.

-from Hinds Feet in High Places by Hannah Hurnard


There’s been thunder, lightning, and rain storms all day today. This quote reminds me of how cozy and safe the bus feels on days like these.


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