Living in a School Bus with a Baby: Month 8

This month flew by–probably because our little girl has grown up in leaps and bounds. At the end of last month, she had just learned to sit without support. Now she is crawling, pulling up to a stand, and even “cruising.” Our hearth provides a low surface where she can practice standing and cruising while still resting some of her weight on her hands. Thank goodness we are done having fires in the wood stove! If we still needed wood heat, baby proofing the bus would have been much harder. As it is, we just have one gate up to divide the bedroom/living room from the rest of the bus. This provides a great play area for our little girl.

baby proofing our converted school bus
Baby proofing the bus.

It seems like every parent jokes about how kids prefer kitchen implements and cardboard boxes to expensive, electronic devices designed and purchased just for them.  So why not give up the toys? Some of our little girl’s favorite sources of amusement are a pot of canning jar rims, an easter egg in a measuring cup, whisks, spatulas, and little bowls. Best of all, I don’t have to make room for more stuff since we already have these items in the bus. Of course, she does have a few stuffed animals, some board books, and a couple of simple toys in the Waldorf style. The books fascinate her. From looking at pictures as we read to her, to trying to turn pages, to knocking over my neat stacks, to trying to grab our books, she’s always making new discoveries. I also take her to the library and let her pick out (i.e. gleefully pull off the shelf) some books.

baby playing with basket
At Easter, the basket and kale were as big a hit as the toys!

The weather is beautiful. We officially have no excuse for cabin fever. A couple of days ago, I felt a wave of expansive contentment wash over me. I am not trapped in a small home; the bus may be where I sleep, cook, do dishes, and various other chores, but I live in a beautiful mountain valley. Hikes with Steve and our baby, walks with friends, gardening, sitting in the grass while keeping pine needles out of a little mouth: it’s all joy.

However, I have struggled this month. I have had semi-complex seizures since I was in elementary school. I periodically have an episode and this last month I had a couple. They don’t (except once) cause me to loose consciousness, but they do leave me feeling discouraged and uninspired (hence, no blog posts). Fighting against these depressive feelings is always hard. Fortunately, our little one has been here to cheer me up.

We continue to check the proverbial boxes as we move forward on the A-frame project.

Hope you are having a wonderful spring!

living in a converted school bus with a baby month 8


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