Why’s there a Bulletin Board on Your Ceiling?

A few months ago I was talking with my extended family about organization and someone mentioned the benefits of using a wall calendar over using an online calendar (I’ve never used either on a regular basis). I said, “I’d be happy to use a wall calendar, if I had a wall.”  I spent the next few months believing that my lack of wall space was keeping me from getting organized.

Last week, however, Steve and I realized that we had to get organized, wall space or no wall space . We were both feeling overwhelmed by all the pieces that we have to gather together in order to build a basement and plop our A-frame down on top of it. So, today, we committed to writing down our to-do lists. We both felt like we needed something big and obvious, like a bulliten board . But where to put it in the bus? We didn’t want to cover up anymore windows. Finally, we realized that, while we don’t have much in the way of walls, we do have a nice curved ceiling.

DSCN2143 DSCN2144

So there you have it: the Erickson family priority list. Maybe one of these days I’ll make it all pretty and Pinterest-y, with cool fabric and matching push pins and paper. For now, that’s not a priority.



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