How to Live the Tiny House Dream (No Matter What Size your House is!) Part 3: Get Creative with the Space You Have

When I was in high school, my family moved across town and I had to sleep in the dining room. We picked the house based on its location and the fact that it sits on an acre lot. However, the house only has three bedrooms and I have two sisters. I know, I know, we could have shared, but my sisters and I had grown accustomed to having our own rooms and weren’t ready to give up that luxury.

No, I didn’t have to sleep under the table. We simply turned the dining room (which was cut off from the kitchen) into a bedroom by adding a collapsible, blind-like door to cover the ten foot wide entrance. I used a wardrobe and dresser to hold my clothes. For the first three years of high school, I had a bed in the room. When I hit my senior year, we prepared for my eventual exodus by replacing the bed with a pull-out couch. Once I left home, the room became a den that I could sleep in over the summer and during holidays. Come to think of it, that experience probably prepared me to have the living area in our bus convert into a bedroom.

Folks who dream of living in a tiny house generally imagine an ideal house where little space is needed because not a single square foot is wasted. Just because you don’t live in a tiny house, doesn’t mean you can’t realize that dream.

There are so many options for maximizing the usefulness of space. A table with several leaves can convert a family room into a spacious holiday dining room. Adding shelves to a storage area can quadruple the available storage. If you have little kids, why not try triple bunk beds, like the ones Steve built for our friends (pictured below)?

Have you worried about running out of space in your current home? What awesome, space-maximizing tips do you have?

Triple Bunk Beds, Creative

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