Living in a Converted School Bus with a Baby: Month 7

baby in a bus month 7 rounded


If I were to pick one word to describe our little girl this month it would be “social.” She loves visits with her Grandma and Granddad, both at their house and when they come to visit at the bus. She loves it when her cousins or other older friends make faces for her, bring her toys, just chat with her. She loves to play with other babies her age by reaching out to grab their hands and steal their toys. I have even found her chattering at the dog and cat! Speaking of which, she loves to pet the cat. I am trying to teach her what “gentle” means by guiding her hand and not letting her pull his hair. So far the cat seems to like her too and even seeks her out. I think he knows that that is the only way he is going to get some stroking, since I don’t have much time to just sit and pet him myself. I’m hoping that the baby/animal relationships continue to go well, since it is inevitable that they will encounter each other more and more in the bus.

baby in bus bonnet

Our state has experienced record breaking temperatures this month and we’ve tried to enjoy the early spring without worrying about what it could mean for this summer. Our little girl continues to love going on walks in the front pack, outdoor play times on a blanket, and riding in the backpack while I work in the garden. My kale, collards, spinach, and lettuce have already sprouted. Living at 2000 foot elevation, that’s something to celebrate. The rain started back up today and is supposed to continue for the week. We’ll see how our cabin fever is doing by next Saturday.

Our greatest joy right now is watching our little girl’s excitement when she encounters new sights, textures, tastes. A couple days ago, Steve showed her a daffodil and she was in awe. She is going to have a blast when she starts to explore outside on her own (with close supervision of course!). She scoots and rolls, but doesn’t crawl yet. Hopefully that will come with the true on-set of spring.

A sunny day at the beach with friends…at the end of February.

We’re plugging away at all the prep work for our house project. Steve is drawing out plans and consulting with an architect. The county does not require houses that are being moved to be brought up to modern code, which is nice for us since our A-frame is from the ’70s.  Our septic design should be done next week. Once we get bids on the rest of the work, we can submit it all to the bank for final approval. Neither of us likes this kind of paper work, so we are motivating each other as best we can.

Steve did get to do one hands-on project this month: milling up lumber from an alder and a cherry on his parents property. He will use it to build our future furniture!milled wood

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