Living in a Converted School Bus with a Baby: Month Six

living in a converted school bus with a baby month 6

Spring came early this year. At the beginning of our daughter’s six month of life, I was cross-country skiing with her. Now we are planting seeds in the garden. I love winter and I love spring, but I always have difficulty keeping my spirits up in that muddy season between the two. This year was no different. I believe the lowest point since our baby was born came during the weeks of rain in early February. Everything looked messy outside, the bus felt damp, and I had to struggle against cabin fever.


I love winter!


Fortunately, I’ve had a growing baby to keep my spirits up. She is doing all the things that six month olds do: rolling over, sitting in a high chair, smearing her first solid meals all over her face, laughing, and babbling with such animation you know she’s got something important to say. She loves to get outside as much as I do. She’ll go from crying to smiling in the time it takes to step out the door (this is part of the reason why the days of rain were so difficult)!

We have added a couple of new items for her this month: yoga mats and a booster seat that straps on to one of our chairs. We roll the mats out when it’s time for her to exercise. This way, she doesn’t slide all over our slick wood floors. Between trying to keep the floor clean for her and the extra dirt that mud season produces, I have to sweep often.


We closed on a the .33 acre lot that I mentioned in last month’s post! Now we are working on securing a construction loan so we can move our A-frame cabin to the lot and put it on a daylight basement. With Steve working his normal busy schedule as well as working on the house project, life is crazy. In my free time, I’m working on opening an Etsy shop. I’m excited to share my projects with you soon!



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