How to Live the Tiny House Dream (No Matter what Size Your House Is!) Part 2: Stay Flexible

tiny house dream

Living in a tiny home or converted bus full time requires flexibility: flexibility with space, with location, with lifestyle. Buying our converted school bus, starting a small business, having a baby, and buying our own little piece of land all happened because we kept our eyes open and our life flexible. Are you tied down by a massive house, an expensive car, a job you hate, or  lifestyle expectations? Could you chase your dreams if you had more flexibility?  Whether or not you consider yourself a flexible person, you can poise yourself to take advantage of new opportunities. Here’s how to start.

1. Get out of debt.

Yes, you’ve heard it before, but it’s true. When you have to worry about credit card and student loan payments, you have less freedom with your finances and your life. Plus, with the interest, you’re throwing money down the drain. We are debt free, except for the mortgage on our land. This has allowed us to get a loan on a smaller income and use our money as we see fit. Six Figures Under is an inspiring and practical blog for anyone who wants to get out of debt.

2. Save up for emergencies.

You can roll with the punches much more easily when you aren’t living pay check to pay check. I’m not a money expert by any means. In fact, we used our emergency fund at the time to buy our bus. Maybe it was a risky move, but we were able to build the fund back up quickly with the money we saved on rent.

3. Cut back on expenses.

Stop spending money on things that don’t matter to you. Period. There are tons of frugality blogs out there. Try Money Saving Mom and Mr. Money Mustache for different approaches to frugality.

4. Learn time saving techniques for daily tasks.

What could you do with an extra hour every day? I’m currently working on saving time on cooking, cleaning, and errand running. One of the hardest things for me is getting distracted in the middle of a task by another task (or email or Facebook.) Sometimes I feel like I am spinning my wheels and I discover that I’ve spent an hour doing something that should have taken 15 minutes. Any suggestions on great blogs that address these topics?

5. Get in shape.

When my daughter was born, I was exhausted. I’m still exhausted sometimes, but I’ve gotten stronger through walking, simple exercise routines, and cross-country skiing. I can get more done in the day since I have more energy. I also find that my mind is clearer after exercise.

6. Consider starting a flexible side job.

Once you have more time and energy, you can do something with it! Try turning a passion into an online business. Who knows, it could turn into the buffer your spouse needs in order to switch to a more fulfilling career. Or maybe you could finally move to that place you’d love to live that has “no jobs.” Check out Brilliant Business Moms and Smart Passive Income for inspiring examples of people with have pursued online work and changed their lives in the process.

7. Community again!

Harkening back to last week’s post on community, remember that connecting with others locally or online can open up possibilities you never dreamed of.

8. Use the space you live in creatively.

More on this next week!

Could flexibility with the work you do, where your money goes, or the space you live in allow you to pursue a dream?

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