Five Ways to Participate in the Tiny Home Movement

Tiny Home Movement

1. Host a tiny home.

Is their someone in your life who is building a tiny home? Do you have land where they could park? Consider setting up a rental situation or asking them to do work on your property in exchange for a place to park. Young people today recognize that they can’t afford to buy a “normal” home right away. Give someone the opportunity to live inexpensively and save for his or her future.

2. Build a tiny home as a hangout for the teenager in your household.

If you have some extra space in your back yard, why not build a tiny house instead of an addition. It would be the perfect space for your teenager to hang out with friends and have some privacy. And then…

3. Send off a teenager who is about to leave home with an awesome gift…a home of their own.

Why not build a tiny house with your son or daughter? They could learn valuable life skills and get a house out of the deal. Yes, they would have to find places to park, but that is possible, depending on where they are planning to move.

4. Rent out a tiny home.

If your kids don’t want to take the tiny home with them, rent it out to a college student or young couple in your area. There are tons of people who think living in a tiny home would be awesome.

5. Live in a tiny home and rent out your house.

Make some money and live the dream!

What are other ways that someone could participate in the tiny house movement (even if they don’t want to live in one full time)?

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