Living in a School Bus with a Baby: Months 4 and 5

Happy New Year to you all! Between the holidays and illness, these last two months filled up quickly.

Holiday Madness

I never tried to put my baby on a strict schedule. However, having life turned topsy turvy by a ten day road trip to the Washington coast, visits with extended family, and dastardly colds has made me appreciate the routines that we had developed.

Long Beach, WA
Thanksgiving at the beach.


There is no doubt that even for me, a flexible, “right-brained” person, routine helps when living the tiny life, especially with a new baby. I am looking forward to more stable, predictable days. Still, bus life is good. Steve and I have enjoyed cozy evenings, reading aloud to our daughter and to each other, playing games, and watching the snow fall.

Christmas converted school bus Tiny Crafting and Organization

I learned to needle felt this month so that I could make simple wool dolls for my little girl. My crafting habit can be difficult to sustain. I knit, crochet, and sew already, so my supplies are multiplying. To manage this, I have one crafting basket in the bus. Once it is full, I have to go through it it and move out left over materials to my larger crafting box, which I store on the a shelf in our hosts’ attic.

I do the same thing with our daughters clothes. Whenever she out grows something (or I get tired of it) I take it to the attic and put it in the baby clothes box.  Thanks to hand-me-downs from cousins, thrift shops, and garage sales, I have enough for her to wear something different everyday for a couple of weeks. In addition, we already have a nice collection of hand-me-downs for her imaginary sister. If we did not have extra storage, we could make do with less clothes.

A-frame Project Update

We are hoping to close on a .33 acre lot on January 15. So far, everything is coming together. The lot is no more than half a mile from the A-frame that we are planning to move. Since I know that this purchase could still fall through, I have to keep my excitement in check. Dreaming is fun, but it is also distracting.


Living tiny is largely a mental game and it requires concentration and dedication. Dreams of our future family home can direct my creativity away from enjoying life (and problem solving) in the present. This can lead to discontentment, one of the worst tiny living busters. Holiday advertisements that remind me of all the wonderful (in theory) things I could put in a larger space, don’t help.

I know that if I can’t be content now, I won’t be content in the larger (but still comparatively small home) that we are planning for. To redirect my heart towards contentment, I’ve been meditating on this quote:




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