Five Christmas Decorating Tips for Tiny Homes and Converted Buses

christmas tree


In spite of the fact that our bus is bearing more of a load than ever, I wanted to make room for a bit of holiday cheer. Here’s what I learned in the process.

1. Go Charlie Brown

You can’t beat a real tree. In the past I have set up an artificial mini tree, but this year we took the top off of a Ponderosa pine sapling. Add a pop top bottle, a popcorn chain, and a few felt stars and you’ve got perfection.

2. Take the opportunity to declutter

I had to search for a place to set up my nativity scene. In the end, the perfect place was right in front of me, I just had to clear out some jars and rearrange others. As a bonus, I will have extra shelf space come January.


3. Repurpose existing decorations

Add some greenery or a bow and bauble. Tada! It’s  Christmas!


4. Use throws, blankets, and slip covers

Add a festive touch without taking up any extra room.

5. It doesn’t take much

Remember that little touches, which might go unnoticed in a large home, will turn a tiny home into a Christmas cottage. Be careful not to over do it!




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