Living in a Converted School Bus with a Baby: Month 3

How’s it going in the bus?

Let’s get the tough stuff out of the way first. We had several days of rain, which made getting outside more difficult. Since we get our electricity from an outdoor RV hook-up, it also caused us to lose power on and off for a couple of days. However, the hardest part of living in the bus continues to be clutter control. Since cooking one meal can easily leave the entire kitchen covered in pots, pans, dishes, and various ingredients, not to mention the clothes that end up on the ground and the diapers that constantly need to be washed, I feel like I am constantly trying to keep up with the mess. It seems that there is a constant rotation of clutter moving from table to counter top to desk to bed and back again. In my best moments, I calmly spread the clean-up over the day and happily attend to the most important task at hand. On worse days, I stress out and either ignore the things that are most important (like tummy time and writing) in order to clean-up. Or worse yet, I get overwhelmed and can’t accomplish anything at all.

converted school bus kitchen
Kitchen Clean-up

But enough of the bad stuff. There is so much about living in the bus that makes caring for a baby easier. First, I have a small space to keep clean. At least the mess can’t be ignored. I have to take care of it before it takes over me. In a larger space I know I’d be fighting the tendency to ignore the mess in one room and move another until I had spread the mess over the whole house and faced massive clean-up. Along the same lines, I don’t have to wonder which room I left the diaper bag in. Furthermore, it’s easy to watch over my daughter. If she’s in her cradle, and I’m in the kitchen, I can easily hear her and peek in on her. I have a friend who’s son learned to walk while their family was living in a 5th wheel while building their house. She said it was amazing not to have to worry about where he was taking off to, so I guess I have more to look forward to.


I am still getting good use out of my baby-wearing devices. The little one is sleeping in her Moby wrap against my chest as I write. As I have gotten stronger we have been able to go on more and longer hikes and walks, which definitely defuse cabin fever. I was given a shower specifically for warm clothes, so I got a little down snowsuit, which has kept her warm on several below-freezing walks so far. She does not like it when the bus gets stuffy and, as long as she is bundled up, she likes to breath the cold fresh air. Still, we can’t spread out on the lawn like we could in August. To make up for that, being inside is easier than it is in summer time because the bus feels so cozy in fall and winter.  Also, we go to grandma and grandpa’s most weekends, so we get eager baby watchers and room to spread out.

As for the animals, Mish the cat likes to try to sit in my lap while the little one is nursing; Ike the dog mopes around, but I get him out on plenty of walks.

Finally, we have been given an exciting opportunity for our next living situation! A friend of a friend wants to get an A-frame house off his property so he can build something bigger. If we move the house in the next 18 months, it is ours. So begins the search for property!

November Hikes

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