Why Live in a Bus? Part 2: Applying Lessons from Liminal Spaces

Through personal adventures and working in the outdoor industry, Steve and I learned to live out of backpacks. We learned how to stay warm and dry in a tent and appreciate rest after a hard day of hiking. Because of our experiences living life on the trail and river, we can appreciate the luxury of life in our bus. Although we still love adventuring, we are happy living a simpler, more rooted life. I have found immense satisfaction this summer in caring for my garden and preparing for our baby’s arrival.

I know people who seem to be stuck in liminal spaces. They are on a constant search for a new and better experience. Some of them are satisfied with adventure and risk taking; some need drugs and alcohol to maintain a satisfactory high. Others seem to be able to take the lessons they learned while living in liminal spaces and apply those lessons to a more settled life with a supportive community. These people become more and more creative, innovative, flexible, and fearless. Often, the time they spent exploring the world created a deep love for all kinds of people and for the natural environment, so they seek out a life that is less harmful to the world around them. I have seen a numbDSCF9630er of my adventure loving friends and acquaintances become entranced with sustainable agriculture. Others live simple lives so they can give more to others and limit the negative impacts of their life on people around the world. DSCF9635

If we move on from bus life someday, I believe that we will take the lessons we learned in the bus and apply them to life in a house. We won’t have crazy ideas about how much space we need. The challenges we face in each stage of life can inspire us to live more lightly on the earth and show more empathy and compassion towards those around us.DSCF9644DSCF9647


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