Why Live in a Bus? Part 1: Finances and Big Dreams

Outdoor professionals don’t make much money. And that’s what my husband and I were when we first bought our bus. He was working for a wilderness youth program and I was a ski instructor.  We love living in the mountains, but rent in this popular get-away town is expensive since homeowners find it more profitable to rent their homes to weekend vacationers. So, we bought a converted bus and found friends who were willing to let us park on their property.
The bus has seen us through several periods of transition. Because we do not have to worry about high rent or a mortgage, we have been able to test out business ventures and pursue the jobs that excite us, not the ones that pay the most. Now, my husband works for a consumate craftsman building high end cabinets and furniture. (He built the desk at which I am currently working.) I am finally taking the time I need to finish the novel that has been brewing in my heart for several years. For extra cash, we take care of hot tubs at vacation homes. No, hot tub maintenance is not a dream job, but it pays the bills!
Some people decide to take a high paying job and pursue their dreams once they have a safety net in place. That can certainly work and some might say it is a wiser path than the one we have chosen. However, money is tricky.  It can be difficult to let go of a decent job and a house in the suburbs. We have financial goals, but we hope to achieve those goals while doing what we love. The bus remains our golden ticket on this journey.

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