Togetherness: The Dog and Cat Work Things Out

As you all know, living in a school bus means that Steve and I have to work out our differences. If we have an argument, we can’t go to separate rooms and sulk. This has taught us to talk through disagreements right away. We have to agree on clutter we can deal with (turns out, not much), how much yarn I can keep in the bus, where to put the Soda Stream and when to go to bed. For the first couple of weeks after we moved back in, we found ourselves bumping shoulders (and I mean that literally). Now we slide smoothly past each other.

And as it turns out, the animals have also learned to give up the personal space that was once so precious to them. These two have never cuddled together before. In fact, they have been known to growl and hiss at the slightest touch from the other. An inspiration, that’s what they are.

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