Food Preservation and Bus Living

The food preservation season is coming to an end. We have two cabinets full of huckleberry and strawberry jam, pear sauce, salsa, and tomato sauce. In addition, we have a shelf of dried fruits and veggies and a carboy of hard cider fermenting next to the futon. This was the first time that I put serious effort into canning and and dehydrating. We built a solar dehydrator, but we found that laying veggies out on the roof deck and covering them with stiff plastic sheets worked just as well.

People ask me where we store all the food that we preserve. We have more cabinet space than one might guess. When we moved in, I set aside space for canned goods and corralled the rest of our food into a smaller area. Next year I want to do more dehydrating since the dehydrated food takes up so little room in comparison to the canned food. However, the weather has to cooperate. This year we had rain all through September, my best tomato month.

Next year I will post pictures and tips for food preservation for bus dwellers. For now, I have to say goodbye to preserving and hello to eating.

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