Tire Gardens

It was a one-storm winter. After a harrowing December, snowfall has been moderate. And now it is time to think about the growing season. There is still snow on much of the Guild garden, but I have some action going on in my tire garden!
Mini-greenhouses made from tires, boards, plastic, and staples.

I doubt that vegetables grown in tires count as organic, but hey, at least I’m recycling. And, here in the mountains, I need something to lengthen the growing season. The tires are in one of the sunniest spots on campus, but since the soil is like a sand box, I had to fill them with potting mix.

My green onions are coming back and kale, cilantro, and lettuce have sprouted from seeds leftover from the fall. I planted spinach, radishes, and peas a couple of days ago and I expect to see sprouts soon. I wouldn’t have minded a longer winter, but once the growing begins, I’m in favor of spring.

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