Six Things to Consider Before Moving into a School Bus, Part 6: What to do if You Move Out

You may get questions from friends and family about what you will do with your “white elephant” after you get over the “school bus phase.” You can always say that you plan to live in you bus forever and for many of you that may be the case. On the other hand, we bought our bus from a couple who loved it, but needed more room for their two year old child. For some, a school bus could be a great first step before buying a piece of property. Once you have the property, you can live in the bus while building your locally sourced home.

If you do need to sell your bus, there are several online forums for doing so:

Tiny House Listings

Do remember that a converted school bus probably will not appreciate in value, but value will come from the joy your bus gives you. We wouldn’t mind if we ended up giving our bus to someone in need of a home because our bus paid for itself two times over in the rent that we saved during the two years we lived in it full time.

And the unexpected can happen. As many of you will have read, Steve and I are currently living in a staff house at the Grunewald Guild. The bus is a guest house and studio, but we often dream of buying property and moving the bus to it. Life brings all kinds of twists and turns. There is no way to anticipate them all, just be ready to face whatever comes.

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