Six Things to Consider Before Moving into a School Bus, Part 5: Are You Ready to Take the Heat?

When you live in a school bus, people make assumptions about you, good or bad. Some people will think you are extra cool, others will think you are a low-life responsibility shirker.  Most will think you are crazy. How will you respond to “society’s” judgements?

Steve and I live an alternative life in a small mountain town. Steve is a cabinet maker, snow remover, deck builder, and handy-man. He dreams of building boats. I work at an art and faith community, garden, and write blog posts while working on a novel (that’s something else everyone has an opinion on.) I love the life we have made for ourselves, but I am not immune to bouts of self-doubt and envy. Sometimes I wonder  if we can sustain our life style long term, and then I am gripped with a conviction that we must sustain it.

We live in a society that wants us to earn money so we can spend it on things we don’t need. In fact, it doesn’t want to us to get even the things we need without buying them with certified currency from an official job. How can we stand up to the pressure and live simply? What have you done to fight the tide?

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