Ready for Winter

The stove is installed! My clever husband formed a round stove pipe to fit the elliptical opening on the stove. It does not heat the bus up as quickly as our old, over-sized stove (which now heats our 900 sq foot house), so we have to plan ahead for cozy bus times, but once it gets going it provides plenty of heat.

The onset of winter is exhilarating, even more so since we feel prepared. The gardens have been manured; the hard cider is fermenting; peaches and apples have been canned. We have (most) of our wood safely in the wood shed, unlike the winter we bought the bus. That winter, snow had already fallen and the forest service and logging roads had turned to mud and ice. Fortunately, we had a generous friend with a four wheel drive truck, a chainsaw, and a come along.

We’re ready for the snow to fall the wind to blow!

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