Six Things to Consider Before Moving into a Converted School Bus, Part 3: Where to Park?

Where can you park a converted school bus?

Campgrounds and mobile home parks are an obvious choice, especially if you are moving fairly frequently. Be aware, however, that some locations will look askance at a school bus but let a beat up trailer right on in. However, bus dwellers do manager to successfully take this route. I know of people who have stayed at state parks, maxing out the limit, moving to another park, then returning. They developed relationships with the rangers and were seen as valuable customers rather than dangerous gypsies.

In our area, small, independent RV parks will allow for year-round parking. I had a friend with a faux-airstream that did this.

I’ve also heard of someone who, for winter parking, would drive up a forest service road right before the first snow, find an comfortable place to park and get snowed in. This individual was working at a nearby ski area and would ski/snowmobile to his bus. This would not be my first choice.

If you have plenty of money, you can buy your own land to park on. This is difficult where we live because property values are high for what you get.

As for Steve and I, so far our parking arrangements have been based on relationships. The greatest advice I can give is to develop genuine friendships, all around the country if need be. Give freely, don’t expect anything in return. Learn useful skill so that you can be an asset to the folks who let you park on their land.  Yes, you may need to look for people who have RV hook-ups, but in Washington State, at least, composting toilets are a legal option, as long as you get a state certified version.

Anyone have any parking suggestions?

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