Insuring a Converted School Bus

How do you insure a converted school bus? Well, I’m sure if you do it tour bus style and follow all RV codes, you could get RV insurance, but if you’re looking to be funky and push the limits, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices on the insurance side.

We don’t drive our bus around much. It’s a house more than a vehicle, but when first bought it, we had to take it on the freeway and over a high mountain pass to get home. The previous owner had insured it as a truck, based on the engine model. We called our State Farm agent, explained the situation, and were able to insure it as an “unfinished RV.” I didn’t know such a category existed!

Once the bus was safely parked, we took it off insurance. There was no longer a chance of collision, so  we decided to take on the risk. I never did look into what kind of insurance payout we’d get for an unfinished RV, but based on the premium, I assumed it would be low.

We took the HSA approach to bus insurance after that. Since we weren’t paying rent, the bus paid for itself very quickly and we were able to put aside an emergency fund.

Does anyone have other ideas about insurance?

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