Insulating Panels for Converted School Bus Windows

 As fall seems to be storming straight ahead into winter here on the east slopes of the Cascades, we are trying to button down the bus for cold weather. The new stove is close to being installed, but we are still trying to find or make a stove pipe that will fit the strange shaped opening on the top.

Even once the stove is working, however, we have to keep the heat in the bus. Here’s a look at how our insulating window panels keep us warm in the winter.

Each panel is composed of a sheet of foil faced bubble wrap insulation and a custom made (by my Mom) slip cover.

Sticky backed velcro attaches the panels to the window frame (we are looking to change to a magnet system because the velcro does tend to come off.)

The panels cover the windows and keep the cold air out and the hot air  in.  I can feel the difference these make in keeping the bus warm by sticking my hand on the opposite side of the panel on a cold night. Frosty on one side, toasty on the other.

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