Sanity vs. The Pack Rat

Tucked away.

This was a morning for organization (a common form of entertainment when one lives in a school bus).

“Oooo! If we clean off that shelf, we can put your work stuff on it and gain 7 extra inches of floor space!”

“Why not store our wet suits and pfd’s in the canoe?”

The magnetic spice rack=more counter space

Keeping the bus tidy is key to maintaining our sanity–and maintaining our sanity involves fighting against mild cases of pack-ratism. The trouble is, both of us like to use recycled products to create new, useful items. However, it is difficult to hold onto old jeans for quilting and still leave room for a usable wardrobe. Fortunately, when stuff starts to build up, we go on “toss it all out” rampages, in which anything damaged or otherwise unsuitable for use goes in the garbage and anything of value goes to the local thrift shop.

Fine china-a luxury for bus dwellers.

Of course, these rampages don’t occur until our excess stuff starts to be an inconvenience or eyesore. I find it much easier to focus on messes that I have to face every day, rather than those that I can keep out of (my) sight.

God help us if we ever own a garage.

We store our clothes…and the dog…under our  futon.

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