How it all started

Early in December of 2009, I was relaxing in our two-person jetted tub reading Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren. Suddenly, I knew it was time to move out of our rental house and into the converted school bus my husband had found on Craigslist. We didn’t own the school bus, we hadn’t even seen it in person, but we were ready for change.

Within a matter of days we contacted the sellers, drove to Bellingham, WA, and drove a converted school bus back over the Cascade mountains. We didn’t know where we would park the bus, we didn’t know if we could handle living in a 200 sq ft space, but we gave notice to our landlords and started the arduous process of whittling our belongings down from the small mountain we had accumulated in a year and a half of marriage to a mound that could fit in, under, and on top of a 1978 International school bus.

Soon, friends offered to let us park on their property, then we ordered a composting toilet, and in January of 2010, less than a month after my bathtub epiphany, we moved into our bus. Today, a year later, we are content with our small home and looking forward to starting our spring garden.
And so, the journey of this blog begins.

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