Five months without running water, eleven without hot

When we return to the bus after two nights at my in-law’s, we may have to thaw the hose that brings water to our bus. Of course, having a hose to thaw is an improvement over last winter.

We have a beautiful, two basin, stainless steel kitchen sink with an extending faucet, but for the first few months of bus life, Steve hauled water to the bus in five gallon jugs, which he hooked up to a hand pump. When we moved to our current location, we scored a water hook-up, but we still had to heat water on the stove in order to wash dishes or bathe. Then, about a month ago, Steve installed a four gallon electric water heater under the sink.
When Steve purchased the tank, he couldn’t help telling the sales woman how excited we were to have hot water after nearly a year without it. The raised eyebrows and crooked smile he received in return reminded us how odd our year without hot water must look from an outside perspective.
I’ll admit, it is amazing to be able to wash my hair without first heating up a tea kettle. Although when the hose that brings our water from the RV hook up to the bus froze earlier this winter, I thought back to the good old days when we had no water to freeze. 
Hopefully, when we get home, the water will still be dripping. If not, it’s shovels for the snow and a roaring fire  to thaw the disinterred hose. 

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